M I C R O S O F T    W I N D O W S    9 5
2 0 T H    A N N I V E R S A R Y

24 AUGUST 1995 - 24 AUGUST 2015


This document provides a detail information about infographic created for Win95 anniversary release.
Discover interesting facts about Microsoft Windows 95 operating system and it's worldwide premiere.

Section 1. Win95 - Basic Info

Title: Win95 - 20th Anniversary Of The Legend

Weather in Redmond in 24.08.1995:
* Minimum Temperature: 16.9 °C (61.9 °F)
* Mean Temperature: 19.1 °C (66.5 °F)
* Maximum Temperature: 21.6 C °F (70.9 °F)
* Total Precipitation: 0.00 IN (rain and/or melted snow reported during the day)
* Visibility: 18.6 MI
* Mean Wind Speed: 20.92 KPH (13.00 MPH)
* Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 24.14 KPH (15.00 MPH)
* Maximum Wind Gust: 29.62 KPH (18.41 MPH)

Codename: Chicago, also sometimes referred to as Windows 4.0.

Predecessor: Windows 3.1x (1993)
Successor: Windows 98 (1998)

Development duration: 3 years
Numer of people working od development: 321
* Mission Control: 27 members
* Base: 34 members
* Graphics/Imaging: 21 members
* User Interface: 30 members
* Setup: 11 members
* Plug'n Play: 35 members
* OLE/RPC: 50 members
* Applets and other cool add-ons: 25 members
* Product Marketing: 44 members
* Beta Support: 44 members

Number of drunk cups of coffee: 2,283,600
Number of eaten lbs of popcorn: 4,850

Technical Requirements:       Windows 95                     Windows 10
* Processor:                  386DX (486 recommended)        1 GHz (or faster)
* RAM Memory:                 4 MB (8 MB recommended)        1 GB (for 32-bit), 2 GB (for 64-bit)
* Drive Space:                app. 50 MB                     16 GB (for 32-bit), 20 GB (for 64-bit)
* Other                       VGA (SVGA recommended)         Download from the Internet
                              CD-ROM or Floppy Disk Drive

Windows95 original price:
* Bought as an upgrade: $89.99
* Bought the full version: $179.99
** Today you can buy original version on Amazon for no more than $50 **

Windows 95 new Features:
* Trash
* My Computer icon
* Plug & Play
* Task bar
* Start Button
* Internet Explorer
* Minimize, Maximize and close button on each window

Win95 language versions: 12

Author of the startup sound: Brian Eno
Startup Sound lenght: 6 sec

Number of sold copies during 1st year: 40 mln
** Windows 10 was installed (for free) on +14 million computers during 1st 24 hours after launch and on +50 million in 3 weeks from premiere

Number of official releases: 5
* Windows 95 - original release
* Windows 95 A - included Windows 95 OSR1 slipstreamed into the installation.
* Windows 95 B - (OSR2) included several major enhancements, Internet Explorer (IE) 3.0 and full FAT32 file system support.
* Windows 95 B USB - (OSR2.1) included basic USB support.
* Windows 95 C - (OSR2.5) included all the above features, plus IE 4.0. This was the last 95 version produced.
* OSR2, OSR2.1, and OSR2.5 were not released to the general public; rather, they were available only to OEMs that would preload the OS onto computers. Some companies sold new hard drives with OSR2 preinstalled (officially justifying this as needed due to the hard drive's capacity).

Mainstream support ending: December 31, 2000
Extended support ending: December 31, 2001

Section 2. Win95 - Premiere

Premiere date: 24 August 1995, Redmond
Official launching hosts: Bill Gates, Jay Leno
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocmJE2O4uIU

Marketing Campaign cost: $300 mln
* 30-min. long promotional video starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry
* Official Ad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocmJE2O4uIU
* Microsoft paid $12 mln to The Rolling Stones for using "Start Me Up" song in the campaign
* New York's Empire State Building was lit up in red, yellow and green – the colors of Microsoft's logo
* In Toronto, a 300-foot Windows 95 banner has been draped down the CN Tower
* In London, Brits were treated to a free copy of the Times newspaper courtesy of Microsoft, (that cost 1.5 million)

When Windows95 was released:
* The President of the USA: Bill Clinton
* Oscar 1995 winner: Forrest Gump
* TOP100 Bilboard: TLC, "Waterfalls"
* NBA Champion 1995: Houston Rockets
* NFL Champion 1995: 49ers
* Football World Cup winners: Brazil
* Current Microsoft CEO - Satya Nadella - was 28 years and 5 days old

Section 3. Win95 - Fun Facts

There's going to be official Win95 anniversary/reunion party: http://www.windows95celebration.com
* It cost $47.50 to get in to the Team Reunion
* Closed Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/652740264859774/

Internet Explorer did not originally come pre-installed with Windows 95

Win95 CD version included music videos of Edie Brickell's "Good Times", Weezer's "Buddy Holly", and the computer game Hover

Easter Egg with Development Team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtfBBNYdcPc

The first service pack was issued on December 31, 1995

Section 4. Sources & Author

Sources - Content:
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Infographic Author: Papercut Graphic Design Studio

Founded in 2011 Papercut is a Cracow based graphic studio, specialising in corporate publishing, infographics and branding. We turn unreadable numbers into beautiful and user friendly infographics. We do editorial design from scratch. And we design independently, working hard on every detail. We know what deadline means.
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W I N    9 5     DEV. TEAM

321 hereos behind Win95 (random order)


Brad Chase, Brad Silverberg, Bill Gates, David Cole, John Ludwig, Paul Maritz, Bill Veghte, Dennis Adler, Lin Shaw, Cristiano PierryEd Stubbs, Moshe Litchman, Richard Waddell, Dave Anderson, Eric Straub, Gerard Zytnicki, Rick Baxter, Viktor Grabner, Jonathan Manheim, Robert J. Williams, Jill Heal, Gregory Shipp, Sharon Hornstein, Charu Kalyan, LeeAyra Sorensen, Mary Hoisington, Philip Bickford, George Moore, Jim Landowski, Jon Thomason, Bill Krueger, Michael Toutonghi, Bill Parry, AAron Reynolds, Harish Naidu, Atsushi Kanamori, Brian Smith, Russ Arun, Jeff Parsons, Kevin Ruddell, Mike McLaughlin, Peter Stewart, Raymond Chen, Richard Pletcher, Charles Oppermann, Rick Dewitt, Sandeep Sahasrabudhe, Ron Radko, Scott Cutshall, Shanmugam Mohanraj, Srivatsan Parthasarathy, Sriram Rajagopalan, George Allen,Paul Kennedy, Percy Tierney, Don Corbitt, Steve Janke, Tony Ka, Andy Miller, Paul Kennedy, Brouce Green, Craing Duchamre, Amit Chatterjee, Zhanbing Wu, Ken Sykes, Ray Patrick, Babak Jahromi, David Tryon, Cha-Chi Teng, Mike Gibson, Raymond Endres, Peter Wong, Jeff Stewart, Michael Lipp, Tim Gerken, Srinivasan Chandrasekar, David Kline, Eric Bidstrup, Ron Alberda, Todd Martin, Keith Leapple, Joseph Couvillion, Chris Guzak, Mike Schmidt, Kurt Eckhardt, Joe Belfiore, Satosh Nakajima, Lonnie Ferguson, Chee Chew, Francis Hogle, George Pitt, Ian Ellison-Taylor, Jeff Bogdan, David Barnes, John Perkey, Laura Butler, Teresa Martineau, Mike Sheldon, Sankar Ramasubramanian, Christopher Brown, Todd Laney, Joseph Hayes, Helga Arvilla, Faith Sohl, Kent Sullivan, Mike Tiano, Ivan Kreslin, Janise Kieffer, Suzan Marashi, Shawna Sandeno, Rom Impas, Todd Stout, Peter Wassman, Felix GTi Andrew, Todd Torset, Andy Hill, Richard Saunders, Randy Gerl, Lisa Halston, Diane LeCaze, Seetharaman Harikrishnan, Nan Glass, Van Bui, Ralph Lipe, Ray Pedrizetti, Paul Hamilton, Tom Lennon, David Flenniken, Dennis Bato, Talal Batrouny, Nick Dammitt, Tony Willie, Jim Mathews, Bill McNeill, Donald MnNamara, Michael Tsang, Pierre-Yves Santerre, Matt Squires, Marc Wilson, Tracy Sharpe, Andrew Silverman, David Schott, Gregg Rivers, Brian Emanuels, Betsy Tinney, Jen Kilmer, Eric Aneson, Jim Meredith, Martin Hanfelt, Jesse Vaught, Karl Tussy, Mike Slinger, Richard Jernigan, Rick Sechrest, Chad Petersen, Scott Quinn, Tim Bragg, Troy Shaw, Kevin Ross, Sarah Jones, Kent Cedola, Deborah Black, Bill Morel, David Fields, Donna Liu, Eric Oemig, Johann Posch, Bruce Mansfield, Jeff East, Roger Grambihler, Rick Sailor, Philip Laforna, Scott Skorupa, Bharat Shah, David Arnold, Ryszard Kott, Gregory Jensenwoth, David Arnold, David Kays, Vibhas Chandorkar, Mario Goertzel, Alex Mitchell, Rick Hill, Connie Hoppe, Dean Edwards, Eric S. Hanson, Gopal Parapudi, Mohammad S. Alam, Rahul Deshpande, Scott Hallock, Mark Harris, David Tanaguchi, Darryll Aday, Ximing Zhou, Eric R. Hanson, Eric Nace, Alex Embrey, Chris Boaro, Farzana Rahman, Michael Warning, Kenneth MacLeod, Jason Spicer, Chris Williams, Scott Binette, Narinder Kaur, Laurie Schulz, Theresa Duchene, Sharon Keene, Haresh Ved, Brian Watson, Vinayak Bhalerao, Xin-Ling Wu, Anthony Francisco, Jim Springfield, John Pisafidis, David Flumer, Ross Wolf, Gideon Zalic, Kim Stebbens, Kurt Delbene, Bruce Kelley, Rajeev Dujari, Kent Settle, Marty Steinberg, Yoram Yaacovi, Tony Ting, Peter Zeng, Veena P. Gandham, Mead Himelstein, Terri Bronson, Justin Magaram, Anthony Robinson, Dave Pollon, Sergio Pineda, Victor Raisys, Anne Schott, Brent Ethington, Jeff Price, Rogers Weed, Dilip Wagle, Bob Foulon, Alec Saunders, Mike Conte, Bob Taniguchi, Frank Ramirez, Dhiren Fonseca, David Williams, Pat Fox, Deborah Epstein-Celis, Barry Spector, Christian Wildfeuer, Andreas Berglound, David Britton, Yusuf Mehdi, Kamy Sagawa, Jeff Thiel, Steve Guggenheimer, Keith White, Becky Hall, Steve Linowes, Russ Stockdale, Suzi Davidson, Clark Heindl, Cynthia Krass, Neff Broadbent, Lora Shiner, Linda Leste, Shauna Braun, Bill Koszewski, Mike Dixon, Kim Yoshida, Jane Davies, Michelle DiJulio, Harry Goodwin, Philip Gray, Luanne LaLonde, Jay Goldstein, Faron Faulk, Anne-Marie Gates, David Yee, Jeff Cook, Andy Thomas, Brian Ewanchuk, Steve Mitchell, Jeff Norris, Robert Tucker, Carol Theine, William Keener, John Boling, Robert Greenwell, Joe Tuck, Dale Montgomery, Tod Edwards, Robert Garden, Victor Tovar, Richard McConnell, David Dunleavy, Stan Takemoto, Don Ferguson, Bambo C. Sofola, Richard Thomason, Dan Penn, Pat Flower, John Akers, Charles Walker, Bobby Wang, Geoff Gray, Shane M. Boyle, Dick Cullum, Clark Sealls, David Reeck, Joe Haenn, Robert Beard, Steve Moody, Anne Gardiner, Jae Pak, Brian Constable, Charles Teague, Chris Forehand, Scott McArthur and Darrell Gorter.

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